Zinc + Copper


Key Things to Look for in Our Zinc plus Copper:

  • Small Capsule – With our small, easy to swallow capsule.
  • Chelated Minerals - Chelation simply means "attaching to." By chelating our mineral forms to an amino acid, we have increased the likelihood that these minerals will be absorbed in a low-acid environment.

Dosing Information:

  • Please speak with your surgeon and/or dietitian before taking zinc as too much zinc can be dangerous/toxic.
  • It may be recommended to get your (fasted) lab levels of zinc checked before starting this product.
  • Do not take for more than 3 months without re-checking lab levels and speaking to your doctor.
  • While a dosage of more than 25 mg/day may be recommended by your surgeon and/or dietitian, it may be beneficial to start with 1 capsule per day and slowly increase to the recommended dosage to minimize the risk of nausea.
  • If taking more than 1 capsule per day, it is recommended to space them throughout the day by at least 2 hours.
  • Taking this supplement with a good source of protein (drink or food), may increase absorption.
  • Do not take at the same time as high-fiber foods or other vitamins and supplements.