Genepro (30 Serving Bag)

Genepro (30 Serving Bag)


30 servings

One serving contains 30G protein per tablespoon of powder. 

Protein powder is unflavored and can be mixed into hot and cold beverages, protein shakes, pudding, yogurt, soup, etc. to increase protein content.

MIXING INSTRUCTIONS: It is always best to mix Genepro in lukewarm beverage prior to mixing in extreme cold or hot beverage or food. Use a fork, rather than a spoon for complete mixability. It is safe to bake with Genepro but keep temperatures below 400 degrees and for less than 15 minutes.

To insure complete mixability and satisfaction with GENEPRO GEN2, please follow these guidelines:

  • COLD beverages: Sprinkle GENEPRO GEN2 on top of the beverage and stir lightly (use a fork, NOT a spoon).
  • HOT beverages: Sprinkle GENEPRO GEN2 on the bottom of a dry cup or bowl prior to adding the liquid. Stir lightly (use a fork, NOT a spoon).