Cashews -1.5 oz. snack bag

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Our Roasted Salted Cashews are choice quality with a buttery richness that has to be tasted to be believed! Enjoy them in individually wrapped single-serve sizes so you can take them with you wherever a craving may catch ya!

 **This product is not suitable for the post op diet**

Nutrition Facts:

per 1 - 1.5 oz. Serving

Calories - 255                                       calories from fat - 180

Total Fat - 19.5g                          30% of daily value

Saturated Fat  -3g                    15% of daily value

Cholesterol - 0mg                     0% of daily value

Sodium - 112.5mg                     4.5%  of daily value

Total Carbohydrate - 15g          4.5%  of daily value

Dietary Fiber - 1.5g                    6%  of daily value

Sugars - 3g                              

Protein - 6g

Iron 12%