Sleeve Gastrectomy Capsule Vitamin Bundle

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This bundle is designed to provide patients with a supply of vitamins and calcium.  This is for patients who have had the sleeve gastrectomy procedure and contains the following products:

- 1 bottle of Multivitamin Capsule .  Capsule options include a one per day that has Iron, or a capsule without Iron. 

- 2 bags of Calcium Citrate

**Please talk to your provider if you have questions regarding the need of Iron or not.  

Choose your calcium supplement. 
You may mix and match between soft chew calcium supplement flavors. 

(90 soft chews per bag- 2 bags will provide 3 months of calcium):
- Celebrate 500 mg Calcium Soft Chews: Watermelon flavor
- Bariatric Advantage 500 mg Calcium Soft Chews: Fruits
- Bariatric Advantage 500 mg Calcium Soft Chews: Sweets


Recommend consult with physician and registered dietitian before using any dietary supplements.